Axia Glide Clear Candy White 12.3g 90mm

A surface lure that is excellent when fishing in calm conditions. The Glide has a slim profile that mimics small prey fish and a more compact, aerodynamic unit for casting long distances. Unlike most surface lures, it is fitted with a ball weight transfer system that rushes small ball bearings through the lure body to help with casting performance. These ball bearings also produce a slight rattle when the lure is worked for added interest to predatory fish. The lure is perfect for walking the dog, it forms a zig zag pattern without causing too much surface commotion, ideal for when fishing in calm conditions and in shallow water. Features strong split rings and ultra-sharp saltwater resistant trebles.
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Key Features

  • Stainless steel through wired
  • High quality split ring
  • Premium saltwater treble hooks
  • Proven fish catching designs
  • Fish catching colours
  • Internal ball bearing casting system
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