Axia Climax Baitfish 16.2g 113mm

A short but heavy surface fishing lure that has buoyancy to make it sit higher out of the water. This weight distribution allows it to be worked effectively in both calm and rougher water conditions, the weight gives the lure extra stability when worked in choppy water, maintaining its action no matter what the conditions. The action resembles a zig zag across the surface of the water, ideal for fishing with a walk the dog method, it will snake and punch its way across stirred up, confused water with ease. The head of the lure features a sealed rattle chamber which contains plastic beads that give off a low pitch rattle, just enough to signal its presence to any predatory fish as it navigates the surface. Features strong split rings and ultra-sharp saltwater resistant trebles.
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Key Features

  • Stainless steel through wired
  • High quality split ring
  • Premium saltwater treble hooks
  • Proven fish catching designs
  • Fish catching colours
  • Internal ball bearing casting system
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