Anyfish Anywhere Six & Bait FS 15ft 175g

Designed primarily for UK anglers who want the advantages of a long length for distance or the assistance it can give over rough ground, where that little bit of length can be a huge advantage. This is a traditional British style beach caster, its just 15’ long. This brilliant rod does exactly what it says on the tin and is the most versatile range on the market today. They are all designed for the UK shoreline whether it is a pennel rig loaded with crab and mussel for cod off the rocks, or a 3-hooked clipped rig for whiting and dabs off the beach, you basically stick 6oz on it and whack it! A truly great all-rounder, regardless of country and ideal for the angler who wants something to catch everything! Reeling your fish in is another matter, whether over clean ground or rough it will do it all.
Manufacturer: Anyfish Anywhere
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  • Length: 15ft
  • Casting Weight: 175g + Bait
  • Weight: 820g
  • Guides: Fuji BNOG
  • For use with a Fixed Spool
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