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Korda Micro Rig Swivel

From bait attachment, to combi-rig construction, the Micro Rig Swivel has a host of rig applications. It's perhaps most widely used sliding on the shank of a hook, forming the blow-back element of many rigs. Crucially, it has the same non-reflective coating that our other rig components are blessed with, eliminating any glint that might otherwise spook feeding fish.

Guru Rig System Swivels Size 11

These swivels have been designed to be used in conjunction with the entire Guru range. They’re super-free spinning, which will help avoid unnecessary line twist on the retrieve. They have been coated with an anti-corrosion black-nickel finish, which is really hard wearing.

Korda Rig Toolz Strippa

Strippa Tool A tool designed to help strip coated braids/Made from anodised aluminium/Special cutting groove won't damage hook links/Robust design will last ages.

ESP Streamliner Rig Booms

•25 units per packet •Available in camouflaged translucent weed green and gravel brown •Extra long versions of the E-S-P Streamliner Rig Sleeves with 3 prime functions: 1.Masking and protecting the knot 2.Acting as a stiff boom to prevent tangles during casting 3.Laying the hooklink out away from the lead for optimum bolt rig efficiency

ESP Streamliner Rig Sleeves

Streamliner Rig Sleeves The streamlined shape of the Rig Sleeves offers knot protection, reduces tangles and helps lay the hooklink out away from the lead.

ESP Rig Shrink

•3 to 1 maximum available shrink ratio •Matt translucent finish •Quantity: 8 Rigs •Lengths: 7cm