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Korda Kwik Melt Solid PVA Tape 10mm Wide

This solid PVA tape has a narrow width. It will not tear on the cast and this ensures no residue is left around the hook once the tape has melted. This material is very strong when dry making it ideal for tying up the top of solid PVA bags.

Korda Eazi-Melt Total Dissolve Braided PVA String

Superb value is the word for this woven PVA string; at 20 meters this spool will make you many, many stringers. We recommend you double it up by pulling your baits onto a loop of string and then hand the string over the hook before pulling the top bait back up against the hook to tighten the loop so the loop cannot slip back off the hook in flight. You will find this string super strong when dry making it ideal for tying up the top of PVA bags where a small amount residue will do no harm to your presentation.

Korda Bait Floss

Bait Floss - Floss that's perfect for tying baits on - Extra-strong and waxed - Running a lighter over the floss makes it transparent - Supplied on 50m spools Our first bait floss is the perfect addition to our chod kit. It’s absolutely perfect for tying on pop-ups of all descriptions, especially cork ballers. The floss is flat in profile, which helps it to grip the surface of even the hardest, smoothest pop-ups. Once you’ve tied the bait on, using the knot shown below, simply run a cigarette lighter flame around the floss, which will render it transparent. Each spool holds fifty metres of floss, which will last ages!

Korda Marker Elastic

Marker Elastic - Marker elastic will aid with accurate casting/Won't damage your line/Easy to remove/Supplied on a 6m spool Our marker elastic will help you to easily mark your lines, ensuring that you can fish accurately, even at night. Once you’ve found your spot and clipped up, simply tie the elastic to your line next to the tip, a specific rod ring or the spigot using the knot shown here. When you come to recast, as long as the elastic lines up with that spot on your rod, you know that you’re clipped at the right distance… simple. Our elastic is hi-viz and grips the line extremely well, yet is easy to remove when you no longer need it!

Korda Krimp Tool

Krimp Tool - A tool designed for crimping hook link materials - Can be used with the small or large Korda Krimps - Soft-touch rubberised handle - Helps to create extremely strong, neat rigs

Korda Rig Toolz Strippa

Strippa Tool A tool designed to help strip coated braids/Made from anodised aluminium/Special cutting groove won't damage hook links/Robust design will last ages.