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ESP Cryogen Classic Barbed Hook

From £3.95
ESP is a brand which has long been associated with top quality terminal tackle. However, this range of hooks is on a whole new level and, once you’ve used an ESP Cryogen Hook, all others pale in comparison. The hook sounds like it is straight out of a science fiction film and it is a comparison which is not unwarranted – this range really does use futuristic technology to ensure that these hooks are sharper and stronger than any other on the market and they will revolutionise your carp fishing. The hooks begin life in much the same way as any other hook series on the market. They start by being super-heated and they are tempered up to 180 degrees. This is where most manufactures would stop, letting the hook cool before packaging it up. However, this is only the first stage in the process for the ESP Cyrogen Hooks. They are then super-cooled down to minus 195 degrees in a cryogenic freezing process – the 24 hour process which gives the hooks their iconic name. From this point, the hooks are then raised to an ambient temperature, again over a number of hours, in order to maintain hook strength. The ESP Cryogen Hooks were developed over a process of two years and during this time they were extensively field tested by a team of expert anglers in order to ensure that they could live up to their impressive claims. One such tester was ESP’s very own product developer. He is a dedicated carp angler obsessed with rigging perfection. As such, he had developed the habit of changing his hooks after each landed catch in order to ensure that he was always angling with the sharpest possible hook. Whilst out testing the ESP Cryogen Classic, he landed a huge 40lb carp from a trickey weedy pit – in fact, the fish put up such a fight through the snags that he had to get out on the boat in order to bring it from the water. After landing the fish he automatically went to change his hook but just once glance made him stop in his tracks. Not only was the hook in the same shape as it had been when he originally cast it – without the usual gapes that come after a huge fight though weeds with a double figure fish – but the hook was also perfectly sharp. In fact, it looked as if it had just been removed from the packet, rather than from the mouth of a huge carp! Going against his instinct, he simply re-baited and cast it straight back out. Within moments he was into another huge fish – this time a 43lb monster. It was perfectly nailed and he landed it without a problem, with the hook still in great condition even after these two intensive outings! The ESP Cryogen Classic is essentially a refined version of the classic (and best selling) Big-T Hook. Based on the original pattern, this new hook features a longer, finer, and straighter point which has been slightly more inclined towards the shank in order to further improve the hook strength. The hook has been finished with a super-slick PTFE Teflon coating, too. This ensures that the hook is ultra-sharp as well as exceptionally strong, so it will nail your carp with incredible accuracy and consistency. The hook comes in five different barbed sizes, from size four through to size 10 (sizes five and nine are omitted). This ensures that you’re always able to find the perfect Classic for your needs. Its micro barb guarantees excellent hook holds and the 13 degree inturned eye provides excellent anti-eject properties, too.

ESP Cryogen Classic Barbless

From £4.25
ESP Cryogen Classic Barbless Hooks, This hook is a result of taking the existing Big-T pattern and improving and refining it to create a better, stronger hook pattern. The Classic features a longer, finer straight point which is slightly more inclined towards the shank. This fine ultra-sharp point combined with the slick PTFE Tufflon coating ensures excellent hook holds. The 13-degree in-turned eye provides excellent anti-eject properties and is a highly versatile pattern for a wide range of presentations. Over three years of development and the last two years spent thoroughly field testing prototype samples has culminated in the launch of a new range of hooks that we believe sets a new standard in strength and point durability. New manufacturing techniques including both high temperature and cryogenic tempering have produced significantly stronger hooks with more durable, long life points. Cryogenic tempering is a process used to improve the molecular structure of steel which in turn reduces stress and improves strength and wear resistance. It is used in many disciplines with Formula 1 engine parts being a classic example. Bench tests on initial samples proved to us that the new tempering processes combined with improved designs and heavy forging resulted in hooks that were 25-30% stronger than other Tufflon coated carp hooks in the same wire gauge. So rather than having to improve strength by simply increasing wire gauge, new manufacturing processes have allowed us to maintain optimum wire gauges for each size which allow for fine, ultra-sharp needle points which are now more durable than ever. Over an exhaustive two-year field testing period where the hooks were used by around 15 independent specialist carp anglers plus ESP consultants Terry Hearn, Kev Hewitt and Martin Bowler, feedback has been wholly positive from everyone. In fact, we have barely heard of a point turning over let alone a hook gaping out! Over those two years, a serious amount of big carp have been caught on the new hooks from a wide variety of waters and every angler who has used them came back wanting more!