Hardy Mach Trout Line WF 7 Floating

Mach Trout The Mach Series Trout lines feature a heavily-engineered compound taper that offers distance, control and presentation from both short to maximum ranges. The lines are built on a low-memory supple core with a durable, liquid slick, PVC impregnated coating. They also feature welded tip loops. And, of course, they are AFTM size specific to meet the needs of the most demanding single handed anglers.
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Manufacturer: Hardy
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  • WF 5 Floating
  • 35YD/105FT/32M
  • 46FT Head
  • Blue/Sunrise
  • Features Built in seamless welded loop connector at tip
  • liquid slick is a minimun friction technology that greatly improves shoot ability and durability
  • complies with AFTM standards at 30ft
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