Hardy Horizon Taper Series WF 4 Floating

The Hardy Horizon Taper Series Fly Line is available in a floating or intermediate version and allows anglers who like to extend and carry line, the opportunity to achieve maximum long distance range casts. This fly line features an elongated head design which delivers superior distance performance with a delicate presentation. The front tapered construction also allows for finer presentations of your fly and the line excels at long over head casting. The line is available in a twin coloured floating version, featuring a stealth grey coloured head for spooky fish. The clear, intermediate camo line gives the ultimate stealth colour in underwater environments. Each line includes a welded front loop and a laser printed ID tag. The Hardy Horizon Taper Series Fly Line is available in a wide range of sizes for you to choose from our drop down menu.
SKU: 1428578
Manufacturer: Hardy
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Twin colour floating and clear camo intermediate
Elongated Head design
Maximum distance with delicate presentation
Graduated front taper for refined presentations
Excels at long over head casting
Welded tip loop
Laser printed line ID
Floating – stealth grey head for spooky fish
Intermediate – camo colour for stealth underwater

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