Greys GTS 700 Size #7/8/9

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In many ways a classic cassette reel, the GTS700 Fly Reel from Greys has several features that really set it apart from the rest. With a tri-spoke design that ensures that this reel is strong and durable, the spool holder is construed from a die-cast aluminium mix that makes it lightweight too. This ensures that you can balance the GTS700 on any of your top quality fly rods to create a killer fly fishing package that will make you the envy of your contemporaries when you’re waders deep in the water.

The frame of this reel is made from bar stock 6061, ensuring that it is rigid and strong enough to cope with any of the usual daily strains that it might find itself subjected to. 6061 is regularly used in aerospace engineering and it is popular for being both durable and low in weight. This ensures that it will balance well on any fly rod setup and it is guaranteed to perform to an exceptionally high standard throughout its life. The Greys GTS700 is based on a large arbour design. This ensures that you can fill this spool with as much fly line as you like in order to target a range of venues and scenarios with confidence. What’s more, this large arbour design ensures that you can pull in line at a fantastic rate, too, so you never have to worry about struggling to pull in a fish over a long distance as this reel is more than up to the challenge. The GTS700 is also fitted with a unique clear polycarbonate spool – which gives this reel a futuristic appearance. It also comes supplied with two additional spools, too, which you can fill with line for ultimate bankside versatility.

Operating on a captive spool release system, you can comfortably swap in and out your spools on the bank in order to respond and adapt to changing water conditions, allowing you to mix and match setups as you see fit – maximising your catching potential. Greys has fitted the GTS700 with a unique line identification system that utilises coloured pegs to give you full confidence on the bank. This means that you never need to waste time trying to ascertain which line type is on which spool, this coloured peg system ensures that you’re able to quickly and easily indentify which line is one which spool for seamless on-bank transition.

The dual Rulon disc drag system means you can comfortably handle anything that ends up on the end of your line. This Rulon drag gives you exceptional control over your reel, allowing you to cast and retrieve with total confidence. Heat resistant and fantastically durable, this drag system promises life long performance quality, too. This reel is ideal for all manner of fly fishing exercises, allowing you to be as versatile as you like. In both a 5/6/7# and a 7/8/9# size there is a GTS700 for those anglers who like to tackle both medium and large opponents. The Greys GTS700 is a completely ambidextrous fly reel, which is ideal for both left and right handed anglers. What’s more, with tool-free left-to-right conversion you can swap your angling style on the bank without having to bring your tool box with you.

If you’re in the market for a high performance reel which offers you the kind of versatility that you require to target a wide range of venues with complete confidence then you need look no further than this: the Greys GTS700 Fly Reel is the dream reel for the modern and discerning fly angler.

Key Features

  • Tri-spoke design made from part bar stock and die-cast mix
  • Offers a lightweight and strong cassette reel
  • Bar stock 6061 frame and die-cast spool carrier
  • Unique line ID system, with coloured pegs supplied
  • Captive spool release screw
  • Large arbor design
  • Dual rulon disc drag system
  • Tool less left to right conversion
  • New clear modified polycarbonate cassette spool
  • Supplied with 2 additional spools in neoprene reel case
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